Pardis Naji

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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Temple of Antithesis

A place of non-religious ceremony, sanctuary, and memory that the transient and settled communities of Blackpool can utilise as a place of respite and sensory renewal. A place to gather, a place to share, and a place to be alone with oneself. It is an architectural response that manipulates form, volume, aperture, and materiality to enhance and manipulate light, sound, touch, smell, colour, taste, time, space, and movement.

Made in Blackpool

A space that encourages the people in Blackpool to enjoy their time and be more creative. Facilitating a space for people to express their creativity in tangible ways while acquiring new skills and connecting with the community.

Creating lanterns inspired by the Blackpool Promenade, Central Pier, and all the lighting used in Blackpool to lighten up the seafront. These lanterns turn into mesmerising displays and carry memories of Blackpool.