Lindsey Johnson

Master of Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Studies

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Kicbak is a pop-up immersive experience designed to engage teens in a way which makes them feel part of the design.  An event which stimulates all senses and allows visitors to kick-back, have fun together and explore.  Fading negative feelings of loneliness, anxiety and isolation by creating poignant moments that are remembered.

I am fortunate to enjoy a successful sixteen-year career in Fashion and Retail, during a time which saw the rise of online trade and the fast-fashion market.  I began my MA in Fashion & Brand Lifestyle to develop an understanding of our future consumer considering the corporate responsibility of leading business, specifically online-only retailers.   As we move forward into the second decade of the second millennium our youthful generation will become cash-rich quickly and are a consumer group future organisations must engage with.   Today’s teens are troubled with anxiety and the feeling of loneliness, this design is proposed to bring together an uneasy population encouraging natural interaction.  Immersive using our five senses to stimulate its visitors.

Research and experience allowed me to pull together a detailed profile on who our consumer is, considering fashion and lifestyle trends specific to Autumn/Winter 2020/21.  Two powerful trends are opposites and therefore lend themselves to create space with a yin-yang quality.

Natures Tribe is comforting, paying attention to social wellness of individuals and the environment in which they belong.   Futuristic vibe is vibrant focusing on technology and bringing together the realms of virtual and reality.

Identifying vacant retail space is critical to the ethos of regeneration, building communities within our youth with sustainability a key consideration. The pop-up design is created with  ‘movable’ structures which may be relocated to further sites and easily dispose of.  To support this attitude, I collaborated with BA Hons Interior design student Caitlin Graham who worked closely with me to provide a structural overview of the event.