Olivia Fogarty

Master of Surface Pattern and Textiles

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The Language of Landscape is a personal project in which I am exploring my relationship with landscapes and the land’s ability to evoke memories for me. Throughout my journey I have interpreted my experiences through weave and creative writing, in the hope of encouraging the viewer to reintegrate with their own landscape and recapture their transient thoughts. 


As I journey through a landscape, I too undertake a journey each time I sit down to weave or write. The memories I keep in the hills are woven into a tapestry, written on a page, as a keepsake which only I can wholly comprehend. A line walked is a line woven and a line written, the layers reflected in each other. I aim to identify how a desire to explore a landscape can be stimulated by words and visuals evoked by memories.

 my creative practice I examine how landscape prompts me to recall memory, conversation and feeling, using creative writing and sketchbook studies as initial responses inspired by my own experiences within the land. I interpret the subject matter using a distinct approach, isolating abstract shapes and line, which is then reworked into a composition for weave. Creating work which can return to the landscape is a clear intent in my creative practice, accordingly I only use natural fibres in my weaving such as nettle, hemp and linen, I have also experimented with dyeing these fibres using plants and non-toxic processes. This concept champions reflection and reintegration with our surroundings in an era where demand for our attention is perpetual, our tie with the natural world is slackening as our relationship becomes increasingly conflicted.

The project also intends to open up conversation surrounding our lost connection with the natural world, advocating for reintegration with our surroundings and finding our voice to describe once again.