Michelle Jesse

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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Temple of Anthesis – The Maze

Inspired by the quote ‘where you are lost you shall be found.’ The Maze aims to create a space for ‘What is Sacred?’  by detaching from any form religion. It enables one to somewhat create their own sanctuary of place by finding themselves. In the North shore of Blackpool. it is easy to distract yourself and lose yourself by materialism of what Blackpool can provide.

Made in Blackpool – Cracked Perception

Cracked Perception is a reflection of Blackpool’s economic status based in Watson Park. Where I feel as though the promenade act as a mask to cover its hidden impurities. Theres a segregation between the residents and the tourist and my aim was to unite the tourist and the residents of Blackpool. The notion of the crack represents the breaking away from the conform ideologies that people perceive Blackpool as.