John McIlroy

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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Project One: The Temple of Antithesis

Blackpool is a constant assault on the senses that leaves its visitors and inhabitants fatigued and disoriented. The Temple of Antithesis offers respite from the phantasmagoria of the town, providing spaces for introspection, solidarity, and for a community to gather.

Project Two: Made in Blackpool

Blackpool’s economy is over reliant on mass produced goods and cheap labour. This tourist economy has resulted in a spatial condition whereby Blackpool’s ‘front of house’ and its residential areas exist in stark contrast, with the town’s residents denied any involvement in the economic processes that dictate, to a large extent, their lives.

Through a process of engagement and craftsmanship, Blackpool’s residents will create a new souvenir economy and pole of economic attraction. The building that is to house this attempt at forging a new Blackpool must embody its ideals; those of autonomy, authenticity, solidarity and economic re-affection.