Chuhe Wang

Master of Animation

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My animation research has been looking at storytelling and narrative using VR. It's immersive and presents new and innovative methods of telling narrative.  The viewer can play an active role in the story and be part of the adventure by making choices within the narrative.  VR also allows the audience to become fully submerged in the actual scene and see the action close up.  This is a fairly new method of storytelling although  books like Dungeons and Dragons gave readers the option to choose different endings, VR is much more immediate and intimate.  This is a fairly new method of storytelling and research is constantly being undertaken into ways of making this more accessible on a larger scale e.g a large audiences watching this at the same time to create a shared experience.
During the construction of this project,  I was in regular contact with other VR directors for advice.  These included David Johnston at the BBC, Jack Reynolds and Chen Zhilin.   There are many things to consider when creating stories in VR.  VR directors  can't rely on the usual devices used in film like camera angles and moves.  Sound instead becomes a very useful method of guiding your audience through the story
This VR film was created in 2D and 3D animation and it has been made into a game using Unity.  This is the beginning of a journey into the possibilities of VR and storytelling.