Lynne Shaw

Master of Fine Art

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My work is the result of my interaction with found materials where I have surrendered myself to the creative process and allowed the work to evolve in an organic, changeable manner. It seeks out the boundaries between abstract and figurative elements, explores combinations, builds new relationships and questions the nature of the artwork itself. My chosen materials are paper, found imagery and paint as they allow me to engage with the everyday presence of society’s detritus, the evidence of our existence and examples of our present time. The use of paint allows me to disrupt institutional expectations surrounding the medium with no loyalty to any particular style, genre or method of application. By using found imagery, generally regarded as insignificant, I feel I am elevating its status into something other, de-valuing the art object and creating fluid, contemporary work that asks us to take a considered look at the information around us, the way in which it is presented and what our expectations are. Collage allows me to partake in an inclusive and accessible artform that contains no language barriers, has collaborative potential and holds universal appeal.


The over saturation of images and the continuous availability of popular, mass produced magazines and newspapers are a particular source of inspiration. 


An initial collection of raw material is a significant element to my practice and is as flexible as it is functional. The creative potential of adjustments regarding subject matter offers me the opportunity to remain stimulated, challenged and fluid within my practice.


I’m looking for the materialisation of something new resulting from the amalgamation of information and ways to question enduring artistic practice. I search for new relationships and forge unions of various scale and technique that evolve from a place of unknown discovery.