Rebecca Andrew

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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Which Way Up?

Making sense of abstract emotion through cross sensory experience

Rebecca Andrew

Music not only stirs up emotion but influences biological rhythms. Heart beats, breathing, gestural movements. These “bodily patterns” are the basis for human emotion.

Created in immediate response to music, this body of work explores the cross sensory experience of visual and auditory perception, extracting the emotional content of music through gestural and emotional responses to the rhythm, pitch and flow of interweaving harmonies.

This primitive and ritualistic physical exploration invites you to immerse yourself in the scale of the paintings and work your way through the intermingled emotions they arouse.

I am a contemporary painter and print maker who explores overlaps and combined approaches to these processes. Working with abstract form, gesture, scale, colour and texture in an organic and process driven way, gives freedom to my creative process and authenticity to my expressions with the aim of providing space for acknowledgement and reflection upon the multifaceted emotional experiences common to us all.

My work explores themes of loss, faith, presence and the absence of presence, spirituality and the influence of biological rhythms in the creation of emotive works of art. 

Using painting as a tool for making sense of emotion, my work is immediate and responsive, employing automatic, organic processes without a pre- determined design in mind. I generate a visual equivalent to the primal emotional responses generated through auditory stimulus, captured through gestural movements and biological rhythms embodied in paint.

I use combinations of acrylic, oil, ink and chalk, allowing different surfaces such as wood, raw canvas and metal to interact with varied viscosities and textures as my work takes shape.


I go through a process of layering up, knocking back and scraping through with varied tools, pressures, marks, movements and directions, turning the canvass around, balancing and re-balancing until the work reaches its natural climax.