Keturah (Katie) Ryan-Palmer

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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Project 1 - Temple of Antitheses - Inspired by a boat

Exploration and creation of a contemplative space accessible to those with faith and those without.  The antithesis of the frequent kitschness and frenetic activity of Blackpool, with inclusion, unity and a celebration of each person's uniqueness at its centre, the Temple of Antithesis is designed to enable catharsis for all.

Project 2 - Made in Blackpool - The Panopticon+

Harmonising with the Blackpool 2030 vision, The Panopticon and its surrounding area is the core of a scheme to regenerate Watson Road Park into the Watson Road Farm Park Complex (through a phased approach including The Oasis).

A distinctive maker's space, designed to be as memorable as the Tower, The Panopticon provides a venue for 'seed to sale' commercial products and souvenirs whilst promoting, positively, Blackpool and its residents to a global market.

The Panopticon is the epitome of the environmentally and economically considerate conceptual processes  and design which will ensure that the Watson Road Farm Park Complex will operate on a virtually self-sufficient basis.